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The Fountain Of Youth

Longevity is nothing without vitality. That’s why the science-backed wellness programmes at Chenot Palace Weggis are designed for both

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Cradled by the Swiss Alps and fronted by the crystalline waters of Lake Lucerne, guests arrive at Chenot Palace Weggis not to bask in its enviable location or swan about the halls of its exquisite 19th-century hotel – or at least, not only to. Rather, wellness seekers from across the globe journey to this sanctuary in search of its greatest asset of all: The Chenot Method®.

Bio Energetic Check-up


Melding Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest advancements in health science, the Chenot Method® is designed to promote health and ward off physical degeneration while improving longevity by tackling the undesirable effects of ageing at their root. In other words, by stopping the ticking clock of biological age.


To do this, an expert medical team first runs a suite of diagnostics to analyse your body chemistry according to the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® – genes, molecules and other chemical markers in your body that indicate your current state of wellness and point to ways in which your lifestyle is impacting your physiological ageing process, and how you can work to amend your way of life in the long term to improve your health. Using these important biomarkers, a highly personalised treatment plan is created that aims to reset your body at the cellular level in order to help you make the necessary changes and head off future problems before they even arise.


While every regimen is unique to each guest, all treatment plans incorporate the evidence-backed Chenot Diet®, which is a key component in the effectiveness of the Chenot Method® at large. This food philosophy is a remarkable combination of scientific research and haute gastronomy, with multi-course menus devised by teams of nutritionists, food scientists and skilled chefs to satisfy and delight the palate while nourishing the cells and, at the same time, triggering a fasting response that has been shown to promote hormesis – a biologically beneficial stress reaction that activates the body’s rejuvenating processes and builds resilience against future stressors.

Tapioca & Orange Pudding


In order to effect long-term improvements in a client’s health, the Chenot Method® is based on an extensive seven-night programme at Chenot Palace Weggis, where the client consults with the medical team who determines the exact intensity, frequency and dose of recommended treatments needed to be fully effective. The signature Advanced Detox, for example, is a central pillar of the method, designed to release the excess toxins and metabolic waste that can accumulate in the body as a result of stress, environmental factors or lifestyle habits. This is achieved through a combination of in-depth diagnostic testing, medical consultations, the low-calorie plant-based Chenot Diet®, and a series of revitalising cellular resonance therapies, from massage to electrostimulation, mud wrapping and hydro-aromatherapies.


And though the ultimate goal of the Detox and other Chenot Method® programmes is to reinvigorate the body and slow the ageing process in an intensive one-week treatment, most guests find it has another, more enduring benefit: the knowledge and tools to improve their health, wellbeing and longevity in the years to come.


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Cardio Respiratory Fitness Assessment; Mud Treatment; Hydro Aromatherapy; Pea Pie; Carrots, Pumpkin, Porcini Terrine; Junior Suite; Indoor Pool; Suite Balcony

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