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Embark safely with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM's protocol for a safe journey

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Please check the latest government advice before booking travel and departing on any trip, as this may affect the travel insurance cover provided with your card account (if held).


While most airlines have come to near standstills due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, KLM has somehow managed to keep busy. The Dutch carrier has upped its sanitary protocols, retooled its planes’ filtration systems, and, perhaps most impressively, it has devoted innumerable resources to delivering an astonishing 80,000 boxes of medical supplies and 85 million surgical face masks through their “Cargo-in-Cabin” concept. As part of the philanthropic programme, KLM employed a team of 60 furloughed workers to coordinate the remarkable deliveries. Now, as flights return to normal, flying with KLM is arguably safer – and more rewarding – than it’s ever been. Below, we detail what it’s like to embark on a journey.


Airport Arrival


Pre-flight procedures will largely look the same to pre-pandemic days. The main differences involve the implementation of numerous sanitary protocols. For starters, expect to wear a mask throughout your entire travel journey – from home to hotel and back – because it’s mandatory. Additionally, at the airport, expect to follow safe social distancing measures. Special signs, announcements and floor markings will remind you to keep your distance at all times.


As you meander through the airport, you’ll also probably notice the protective screens, disinfection stations and contactless body temperature checks. These measures are just the first step in guaranteeing a COVID-free journey. And it only gets safer from here.


In the air


Step onto the plane and immediately you’ll be greeted with a Dutch welcome (you’ll notice all staff members are obliged to wear protective masks for the duration of the flight) and a disinfectant wipe. While KLM thoroughly cleans the aircraft after each flight – from your seat and table to the armrests, screens, remote controls, overhead bins, windows and toilets – this wipe affords you a little extra security and cleanliness, whether you plan on further cleaning your seating area or simply wiping off your hands.


Once seated, KLM continues to abide by social distancing protocols – to the best of its abilities, it is an aeroplane after all. On most flights, the airline will attempt to maintain maximum distances between passengers by leaving seats free whenever possible. Do appreciate, though, that this is not always possible, so, just in case you end up rubbing shoulders with a fellow passenger, keep your mask secured properly and try your best to limit contact.


Adding to your safety, you’ll be happy to know that the aeroplane’s entire air filtration system has been retooled with a state-of-the-art air recycling system that allows for a continuous stream of fresh air from the outside into the plane. This high-tech system also contains powerful filters that clean the air every three minutes as well as trap “99.97% of all viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses”. Furthermore, these air supply systems all work together to provide a rapid downward airflow in the cabin, which minimises the spread of potential pathogens.


The in-flight experience, while certainly different than your previous journeys with KLM, is, overall, a relaxing one considering the safety measures.


Dining service


It may surprise flyers to learn that this pandemic has brought out a completely new and revamped dining service that’s fuller and with more choices than ever. Instead of the standard meal trays dotted with dishes, KLM instead provides an array of individually packaged products to ensure not only the high-quality of your meal but also that it met no contaminants on its way to you. Better still, because many of these flights are operating with fewer passengers, guests can expect even more attention during service – so no stress ordering that extra Heineken.


Visit the website to stay up to date with the latest news and check the measures KLM has taken. 

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