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Space: Your Great Next Adventure

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Becoming an astronaut is a dream for so many – and now for a select few, a tangible reality. Virgin Galactic, the first commercial spaceline, is taking reservations for its one-of-a-kind space travel experience. The chance to view the Earth from space, safely and in elegant comfort, can now be reserved for a limited time. 




A Virgin Galactic Spaceflight reservation means more than just the journey to the stars. It allows the traveller access to the Future Astronaut membership community and a lifetime of benefits. Members will enjoy access to money-can’t-buy experiences, events, trips and space-readiness activities while they await their spaceflight. Pre-flight, at Spaceport America in New Mexico, astronauts and their families will enjoy luxury accommodation, with bespoke itineraries for the Earthbound guests when those voyaging into the skies are in training. That training will consist of several days of activities at the world’s first commercial spaceport. 








Once the preparation is over, the flight itself is a unique experience. Unlike the traditional launch, the Virgin Galactic spaceflight begins with a smooth runway takeoff. A Mach-3 boost takes the ship into space, where astronauts will be able to experience several minutes of out-of-seat weightlessness and take in spectacular views of Earth’s beauty through the ship’s 17 windows. The return home offers even more alluring vistas as the spaceship heads back to the same runway at Spaceport America, where the adventurers’ families and friends await, joining them for the post-flight Virgin Galactic Astronaut Wings ceremony. 




The journey lasts for 90 minutes, but the memories will be eternal, and more importantly, meaningful. Such a journey will have a lasting impact, shifting the perspective of those who experience it. In joining the select band of people who have been into space (fewer than 700 as it stands), the pioneers on this expedition will develop a distinct connection to the planet, and come to view the world in a very different way. Those who have experienced it talk of the “Overview Effect“, a cognitive transformation that inspires a complete shift in the traveller‘s worldview and their place within it. Now‘s the time to discover this for yourself. 

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