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High End 2018: Top 5

Top audio tech from the spectacular Munich conference

Gold Note: Valore 425 Plus Transparent Acrylic
PMC: Fact Fenestria
Astell & Kern: A&futura SE1000
Apurna: Apogée Vinyl Vibes
ESD Acoustic: full-horn system

Munich’s High End conference – the Baselworld for audiophiles – is the year’s most spectacular showcase of new and enduring top-level loudspeakers, turntables, headphones and much more. It’s also an attack on the senses – picking out the best equipment among the many brands can be an arduous task. Fear not; we give you our highlights from this year’s edition below.



Coming with the tagline ‘the speaker you’ll never hear’, the beautiful Fact Fenestria has been developed across a five-year period using technology oft employed in Formula One and in skyscraper building. PMC is serious about cancelling out the effects of vibrations in the drive units and cabinets – its 1.7m-tall side panels vibrate in isolation, as does the central aluminium “nest”, killing any unnecessary colouration (sound) and improving the quality of the music output. Visit

ESD Acoustic

Stand in awe of the five-way, carbon-fibre full horn system, ESD’s “Everest of speakers”.  This incorporates pioneering designs, from the round horns to the field-coil drivers to the beryllium diaphragms, all positioned to result in a great listening experience. The casing on the accompanying amplifier gives the setup a little ornamentation, too. Visit


This husband-and-wife setup showcased a striking range of hand-crafted and bespoke analogue amplifiers, such as the Apogée collection with its audiophile’s dream of crisp sound, the ‘open’ top through which you can see the inner workings, and a choice of sophisticated finishes from Leather Puzzle to Vinyl Vibes. Visit

Astell & Kern 

Debuted two high-resolution portable music players. The A&futura SE1000 has a five-inch touch screen, 128GB storage and 10 hours’ playback. Targeted at casual listeners, its solid aluminium alloy A&norma SR15 employs features found on the brand’s flagship devices, notably the well-received AK70 series. Visit

Gold Note

This Florence-based manufacturer boasts a strong range of turntables but its Valore 425 Plus catches the eye (and soothes the ear) through its dedication to perfecting sound via the 23mm-thick platter and 9inch tonearm, twinned with an elegant and unfussy design selection, including transparent acrylic. Visit

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