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Scandinavian Finery

In conversation with Charlotte Lynggaard, on a lasting legacy of Danish jewellery design at Copenhagen-based Ole Lynggaard

Steadily handcrafting functional and contemporary jewellery in Denmark for more than half a century, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen remains a family-run operation from their Copenhagen atelier.


We spoke with Charlotte Lynggaard, goldsmith, designer and daughter of founder Ole.


What is the essence of Ole Lynggaard jewellery? 

The fact that we are a family-owned, design-driven business with great passion for handicraft. Today we make jewellery with many of the same techniques that my father has been using for the past 50 years, and this is indeed a true pleasure and something that I am very proud of.


How did the brand develop over the decades?

From a small Danish jewellery workshop we became a leading Scandinavian luxury brand with international recognition. The scale of the company has increased tremendously since it was founded; today we are proud of having the biggest goldsmith site in Northern Europe [with 45 goldsmiths], nonetheless, our pieces are still handcrafted. A great part of our brand development has been opening of our flagship stores – two in Denmark, one in Sweden and one in Sydney, and these shops offer an unforgettable experience in our universe.


In Denmark you are considered a trendsetter. Could you explain us which current trends are vital to you?

I see an increasing trend in investing in jewellery – in buying into a piece with a meaning and a story, something that lasts and that is easy to wear for a casual everyday look, as well as an evening dress. I think it’s a reaction to this wheel of consumption that seems to spin faster and faster for every new season. I believe that people are going back to basics and they want quality, value and uniqueness when they buy jewellery.

Another tendency I see is that women are actively buying jewellery for themselves, the same way they buy an expensive new bag or a pair of new shoes. For a long time, a ring or a necklace was something that you wished for as a gift, and now it’s an obvious part of a woman’s everyday look – something that they prioritise when shopping.


In your opinion, what should contemporary jewellery express?

Quality and uniqueness – it should make you feel beautiful.


Do you have a favourite piece?

The LOTUS collection is very close to my heart, because it’s been the most challenging to develop – it was on its way for almost three years. The colour combinations that you can create with Lotus are very diverse, and I especially like the fact that it has a luxurious bohemian look to it. 

I'm also fond of our anniversary collection, SNAKES, designed by my father Ole Lynggaard. It’s a beautiful contemporary collection inspired by drawings made by my father in the '60s. I am truly proud and impressed to see that a man of his age can create such a modern yet timeless collection.



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