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Cocktail Classics from Bottle to Glass

A new spirits company from Cologne wants to reshape the image of the bottled cocktail, with 12 classic drinks ready to pour

Convenience isn’t usually on our minds when ordering a drink at a bar; the artistry and anticipation involved as a cocktail is assembled, shaken, muddled makes part of the flavour.


But when at home, when time or ingredients are lacking, bottled vintage drinks might be the answer, requiring only a glass and perhaps a spritz of orange peel without having to go the extra mile. While many classics, such as a Martini or the Old Fashioned, require a simple three or four ingredients, even that minimum can be brought down to a twist and pour.


Cologne-based Avantgarde Spirits Company are switching up the bottled-cocktail game, recreating ‘bohemian drinks’ with a promise that the taste even tops that of a freshly mixed one. Using high-end spirits, all-natural ingredients and natural aromatics, the company has selected 12 cocktails that ring true to their original recipes. Think of it this way, as good as wine develops and becomes more complex in the bottle, so too do these cocktails.


Sold in sharp looking 0.7l bottles that remind of an oversized Chanel No. 5 perfume, each cocktail is boldly numbered from 1-12 – amongst this delectable dozen, the Manhatten, Negroni and Gin Gimlet and other timeless classics.


When happy hour can’t come around quickly enough, these bottled drinks tick all the boxes.



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