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At One with Nature

Located in the eastern tip of Hokkaido, the area of Dōtō is one of the most popular destinations for outdoors enthusiasts alike

The abundance of nature in Hokkaido is evident from every corner of the island, but Dōtō offers something more defining- with experiences that can be described as ‘quintessentially Hokkaido’.


For many Japanese, the word ‘Shiretoko’ triggers a sentiment revolving around the notion of nostalgia and longing, of a peninsula that symbolises the furthest point of the country facing the vast stretch of icy Sea of Okhotsk and beyond.


The area is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site – the country’s very first - since 2005 for its breath-taking landscape, namely Shiretoko Five Lakes at the foot of Mount Io in Shiretoko National Park. There are a few trails to explore, Furepe Waterfall and Utoro Lighthouse along the way, with a magnificent view of Okhotsk accompanying every step of the journey.


The panorama of the peninsula could be enjoyed from the sea, with numerous cruise options also available at Shiretoko Nature Cruise and if lucky, sighting of various wildlife – whales, porpoises, orcas and during the drift ice season at the height of winter, white-tailed eagles and Steller’s sea eagles – to adorn the vista.


During the winter months of January and February, when the drift ice reaches the region, Shinra offers a unique tour ‘Drift Ice Walk’: a not-to-be-missed walk in a dry suite that takes place on the drifting ice floes.


If being on the land is a preferred option, nearby Akkeshi is known for world-class sea urchins and succulent oysters, to complete the taste of Hokkaido.


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