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A Change Of Perspective

Captain’s Choice launches ten epic journeys for 2023, including brand new itineraries

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If the objective of travel is to break free from the ordinary, then Captain’s Choice is the ultimate means to an end – a fact that has become even more evident with the introduction of ten fascinating journeys for 2023, among them several never seen before. Featuring stays at luxurious hideaways and promising unexpected experiences day after day, each expertly crafted itinerary grants travellers access to some of the world’s most unique places and most captivating people. Whether by expedition cruise, private jet, high-speed bullet train or one’s own two feet – or a combination thereof – these small group journeys are designed to capture the essence of uncommon destinations the world over, while offering you a new perspective miles away from ordinary.


The Trek: Temples & Trails through Bhutan


Departing 18 March 2023


True intrepid travellers know there’s nothing like discovering a destination on your own steam. This eight-day walking journey in Bhutan allows an intimate group of just 24 explorers to do just that: traverse the verdant valleys and majestic peaks of this under-the-radar destination on foot, stopping to take in the serenity of its temples and monasteries along the way, and meet smiling locals whose skillful hospitality is surpassed only by their genuine warmth. Trails that wind through emerald pine forests and past centuries-old monuments reward those who spend the effort with breathtaking vistas at every turn. Further recompense awaits at day’s end, when the travellers arrive at their indulgent Six Senses retreat to unwind in style – and enjoy yet more sweeping panoramas across beautiful Bhutan.


The Cruise: A Journey of the Gods along the Nile


Setting sail 26 September 2023


A top choice for connoisseurs of comfort seeking to view the treasures of ancient Egypt up close, this exclusive 16-day river cruise evokes the glamour and adventure of the golden age of travel while offering the ease and tranquillity that modern explorers desire. The ship conveniently embarks from Cairo, where travellers are treated to exclusive tours of the city’s top sites and museums, before leaving the hectic behind as the voyage – its course charted and navigated by expert Egyptologists – gets underway on one of the world’s most storied rivers. Discover the pyramids on camelback. Gain exclusive access to the feet of the Sphinx. Marvel at the immaculately preserved art and engravings at the Temple of Hathor, and be whisked away by charter flight to the imposing Temple of Ramses II. As such excitement can only be truly enjoyed with a clear mind and a well-rested body, guests will find ample opportunity to relax aboard the Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, whether in their stately cabin or on the spacious sun deck by the pool.


The Aerial Adventure: Remote Reaches of Scandinavia by Private Jet


Taking off 1 July 2023


There aren’t many places left on the European continent where one can feel like the first person to ever set foot – unless you know where to look. This 17-day private jet journey promises just that, masterfully curated for the explorer at heart, the nature lover looking to leave civilisation behind. Travellers can choose to explore isolated villages, touch virgin glaciers and kayak among icebergs in Greenland, or cruise dramatic fjords, feel the rush of exhilarating waterfalls and bathe in geothermal springs in Iceland. Or, perhaps, enjoy a journey aboard Norway’s renowned Flåm Railway as it glides past some of the country’s most awe-inspiring scenery, and spot walruses at play in stunning Borebukta Bay. This may all seem an impossible itinerary for a little over two weeks, but when your main mode of transportation is a privately chartered Business Class-configured Boeing 737-700 jet, time is no object.


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