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Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature Headphones

Crisp sound – and they look great too

The most striking thing about the P9 Signature Headphones is the design. The combination of aluminium, memory foam and finest Italian Saffiano leather by ScaBrenta ensures that not only do they look fantastic, they are also comfortable for hours of use.

The sound quality is also fantastic. Designed by the same acoustic team as the 800 D3, the bass is rich, but not overpowering, the midranges and trebles ring loud and clear and, with its range from 2hz until 30khz, every possible spectrum of the music being listening to will be broadcast (even notes that are felt rather than heard). It is possible to discern previously unheard parts of songs and recordings due to the range and clarity of the sound.

Attached to the 3.5mm cord is an Apple-standard remote, with microphone and audio control. If an Apple product is not being used, or if you need the extra cord length, a universal cable and a 5m version are both supplied. Swapping these takes a matter of seconds, and their inclusion is very welcome. The headphones don’t actively noise-cancel, but they are “noise-resistant” to a degree, removing the need to listen to music too loudly.

The only possible criticism of these headphones is that they aren’t the most comfortable while travelling (coupled with the aforementioned lack of noise-cancelling). This would be an unfair critique however, as this isn’t their intended function. They are premium headphones designed to provide the very best sound quality, whilst the listener enjoys their favourite music on a good system at home, while reclining and relaxing. Even still, they sound great on the move.



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