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MB&F HMX 10th Anniversary

A special price paired to subtle, racing-inspired colours sets MB&F’s 10th anniversary HMX watch apart

The year 2015 represents 10 years of Swiss MB&F. An outfit that began as a celebration of bringing together talent in order to produce “horological machines”


While the company have release timepieces into two flavours – Horological Machines and Legacy Machines – the HMX (Horological Machine 10th anniversary) would actually only represent the HM7 if MB&F were to categorise the watch with their standard nomenclature.


A driver’s style watch that displays the time to the side, as opposed to the face, the HMX is aesthetically similar to MB&F’s HM5 timepiece, which followed a similar concept. Time is displayed via a pair of discs, one for the hours and another for the minutes. Even though the movement is still oriented in a flat manner, a sapphire crystal prism bends the viewing perspective so that the time can be gleaned from the side. 


In a roughly 45mm wide case produced from steel and titanium, the avant-garde design of the HMX is  mimics the graceful curves of vintage European sports cars.


Similarly the movement is displayed like an engine bay, with the bridges arranged to evoke the top of an engine. Further distinguishing itself, this MB&F watch is available with a choice of four colours accents – a first for the brand. Each inspired by classic racing hues, the HMX 'engine' and strap accents are available in Lotus black, Bugatti blue, Ferrari red, and British racing green. Inside the HMX is a Swiss automatic movement, with a special system that powers the jumping hour and dragging minute disc.


One of the more touching and personal details on the HMX is the engraving of a quote on the automatic rotor, visible from the reverse of the watch. Reading “A Creative Adult is a Child who Survived”, Busser's motto and the brand's calling card of sorts. Here Busser not only defends his style but also praises the many people who have become MB&F brand owners over the years.


More so, Busser reportedly set an uncommonly low price of USD 30,000 – relatively speaking for the brand – not to attract new buyers to the brand, but more a special offering for MB&F’s core of collectors as a 'thank you'. Each of the four HMX watch will be limited to just 20 pieces.



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