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Time and Wine

Keeping watches and wine safe, the Buben & Zorweg Grand Aficionado Cabinet

The problem with receiving a gift such as the Grand Aficionado by Buben & Zorweg is that it may require the purchase of many additional items. A little bit like getting a picture album that you then need to fill with photographs. If however you already own the items necessary to fill the Grand Aficionado, then you’ll fully enjoy this new piece of highly functional furniture.


Buben & Zorweg mainly produces exotic cabinets and watch winders. Many of their products combine watch winders with other features. The Grand Aficionado is a cabinet meant for the safe storage and appreciation of timepieces, wine, cigars, and music. 


Standing tall, the column-like Grand Aficionado is made using the finest woods, skins, metals, and other materials. There is something almost reptilian about its highly masculine design. At the top of the unit is a clock. While it may be electronically lit, the clock itself is totally mechanical, produced by a fine clock maker in Germany. There are two front and two side doors, each concealing a special storage area. The side doors open to reveal automatic watch winders, a humidor, as well as cork and bottle storage. The main doors open to reveal features such as a one or more of eight wine bottle carousels, and additional watch winders.


Buben & Zorweg will offer two versions of the Grand Aficionado cabinet depending on the customer’s main focus. The Vinum Version is for those whose focus is wine, while the Tempus Version is ideal for those who want additional wrist watch storage. Each of the models offers an optional German-made HiFi stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity and an iPhone/iPod dock, as listening to good music is to many an essentially factor in connoisseurship.


The Vinum Version has a humidity controlled cabinet for at least 20 bottles of wine, while the Tempus Version features a series of watch winders and carousels that can also be used to display pens. All versions of the Grand Aficionado are secure, as Buben & Zorweg builds in a high-security safe as part of the product. Storage cabinets such as those produced by Buben & Zorweg are among the finest in the world and demand an according price. They are also among the few items suitable for grand aficionados “who already have everything,” but not enough space to store it all.



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