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Easy Rider

We talk to Martin Trink, co-founder of Freygeist e-Bikes about the secret to its success

E-bikes – a ride for the lazy?

Ten years ago, only the elderly – or lazy – were interested in electric bikes. The situation has changed entirely. Electric mountain bike racing, electric motorcycles and ever-younger buyers each year are evidence of this trend. People began to realise that electric bikes give their owners the chance to improve their lives.


Many of our customers use their Freygeist as an electric bike in the morning for their commute to work or when riding to a meeting, and use it as a regular bicycle to go home in the evening. This way, it becomes possible to not use the car and still commute to work effortlessly, and to use a regular bicycle for pleasure whenever possible.


What sets your bikes apart from the herd?

For many of our customers the crucial factor is that nobody recognises our models as electric bikes. They’re light – incredibly light. Given the average weight of today’s electric bikes, ours offer the same amount of power and range, at only 50 per cent of the weight. This solves a lot of issues people usually have with their e-bikes – primarily prohibitive weight and the fact that you are completely dependant on the battery. If the battery runs out on your Freygeist, you just ride it like a regular bike.


What drew you to work with e-bikes?

I never planned to become a designer of electric bikes. Initially I studied law and worked for an international law firm. One evening – I think it was two or three weeks after passing the bar exam – I was sitting outside at a bar and a motorbike passed by. It didn’t make any noise whatsoever. People around me didn’t even notice it – but I was astounded. I realised the beauty of a silent motorbike, but, as it is still illegal to use them without registration or ride on a bicycle lane, my focus shifted to electric bicycles.


As it turned out, beautiful electric bikes just didn’t exist – almost all of them had issues with weight – they were just too heavy.


What’s next for Freygeist?

Our aim is to provide more freedom. Currently it is intended for road use only, our next model will feature wider, more profiled tires and disc brakes. In combination with a comfortable seating position the Freygeist Prime will be well-equipped for urban centres as well as for forest roads. Due to high demand, we also plan to introduce a frame specifically for female riders.



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