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The Art of Essence

LG SIGNATURE products are a model of efficiency, innovation, design and durability

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To create the perfect product, one must first establish its essence: what is intrinsic in the making of that particular piece; what can be distilled as the key functions; what can be deemed surplus to requirements. This is the philosophy behind LG SIGNATURE’s products – the stripping away of unnecessary elements, the simplification of design, without sacrificing aesthetic qualities, all the while incorporating refined materials and cutting-edge technology. Innovating does not mean complicating and functionality is never compromised, as LG SIGNATURE products offer an exceptional intuitive user experience. The result is a consummate demonstration of simplicity as sophistication.


Take the ultra-flat LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, a minimalistic design with maximum capability in an area where seeing is believing and the realism of the image is everything. A single layer of glass is bonded to the OLED panel; a strikingly elegant stand has an integrated sound bar speaker featuring Dolby Atmos; and picture quality is taken to another level with the Perfect Black – delivered via self-lighting pixels that switch on and off as the image on screen demands. This in turn leads to Perfect Color as previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail.



Where taste is key, storage and style combine in the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. The emphasis is on ease of use and, crucially, preserving the freshness of food. The InstaView Door-in-Door feature enhances both of these aspects. With just two quick taps, the black-mirrored panel allows you to see inside the compartment without letting cold air out. This is allied to a Fresh Shield cooling system that forms a thermal barrier using cold air to maintain temperatures and lock in freshness, and a stainless-steel interior that retains cold air while adding to the appliance’s highly stylish look.



Simple but effective, the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine’s ingenuity lies in improving the efficiency of the process through innovative technology. The trademark Centum System is designed to minimise noise and vibration, but the real boon here is the TWINWash, in which the main front-loading drum is complemented by the TWINWash Mini, beneath it. This allows for two loads to be put on simultaneously or smaller loads to be done more frequently. With an ergonomic design, including a black door with tempered glass and enamel coating, elegance is added to this feast of innovation.


Creating a harmonious environment by using natural resources is another essential element. The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is engineered with an advanced watering system that enables it to harness the power of H2O and filter out pollutants in the air. Rotating at high speed, the Watering Engine sprays 18 litres of water in an hour to infuse moisture in inhaled air. Intuitive controls such as the SmartThinQ system that allows you to check the purifier from anywhere are to the fore.



Maintaining the philosophy from idea generation to customer experience is also a key aspect to the range, which is why LG SIGNATURE teamed up with leading influencers in design and architecture, who placed the products in their own homes and could evaluate them in the living environment. These have included Stefan Diez, an industrial designer in Germany; English interior designer Ashley Hicks; and Hadi Teherani, the Iranian-born, Hamburg-based architect. As the latter says: “Good design must be functional on the one hand. On the other hand, you should be able to feel comfortable.” And that, in essence, is LG SIGNATURE to a tee.


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