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Bulgari Diva Collection

Some of the most impressive and flamboyant jewellery watches by Bulgari yet

While the French are known for epitomising conservatism in the luxury world the same does not apply to the Italians. When it comes to Italian design and jewellery, there is a tendency to push the limits and see how far the imagination of the artist can be stretched. Why is this so? One explanation for this is that the purpose of jewellery is to make an announcement about who the wearer is and their relative level of social importance. The louder and bolder the design - as well as the more luxurious its constructions - the more onlookers appreciate that the wearer is the type of person who has both success and freedom of expressions.


So with these new high jewellery watches for women, Italian designers at Bulgari ask the question, “how does a Diva express herself?”


The Bulgari Diva collection is not a timepiece for everyone. Crafted with extreme flamboyance in mind, the shapes emanating from the centre of these watches look like blow horns - and this watch is intimately aware of how loud it is meant to be. More so, Bulgari’s range of Diva watch models express themselves using different precious and semi-precious materials. Even though there is a contemporary element to the Bulgari Diva, the collection is deeply inspired by jewellery worn by Italian women in the entertainment over the last 100 years.


Bulgari has populated the Diva collection with a range of versions that come on specially made satin straps of gold bracelets, inspired by other models in their collection such as the famed Serpenti. As a watch the Diva is simple, relying on a Swiss quartz movement. Each Diva watch is 39mm wide and available in a 18k white or pink gold case.


Bulgari makes clever use out of precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires of various colours, tourmalines, turquoises, amethysts, and more for the sometimes classic and sometimes wild tones of each Diva watch. At its most elegant, Bulgari produces the Diva in full pave with all diamonds, with intensely colourful models sporting four or more colours of stones at the other spectrum. While not strictly limited, it is natural that Bulgari Diva watches are produced in very limited amounts.



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