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Sale From The Silver Screen

Julien’s ongoing 'Hollywood Legends' auction

Sale From The Silver Screen

The build up to the Hollywood Legends events hosted by Julien’s Auctions are always fascinating just to see what treasures they have been able to mine from the film industry. For the upcoming auction between March 21st and April 1st, there is a veritable feast for film fans.

It is, though, worth starting with an item from someone who was never a film star as such, though she was often treated as one. Princess Diana, former wife of the heir to the British throne, led a film-star-like existence up until her death in a car accident in 1997 and was a source of constant fascination for the world's media. In some sense, interest in her life has hardly waned in the intervening 15 years. This perhaps explains – at least in part – why a Catherine Walker gown made for Princess Diana is estimated to sell in the sale for between USD 80,000 and USD 100,000.

In a similar vein, though lower down the price scale, is a Christian Dior gown worn by Grace Kelly and estimated to sell for up to USD 20,000.

Regarding purely films stars, it will be interesting to see if Christopher Reeves’ Superman costume from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace will sell for the anticipated USD 30,000, though it is hardly expected to match the price attached to a complete batman costume from Batman Returns of up to USD 80,000.

Further highlights from the more than 800-lot sale include many items from the estate of Charlie Chaplin. One of Chaplin’s bowler hats and one of his canes, the very items that to this day characterise his on-screen persona more than any other, could sell for a sizeable USD 30-50,000 and USD 20-30,000 respectively. Among other Chaplin items is one of his suits, which could go for around USD 30,000.

Added to Clark Gable’s riding jacket from Gone With the Wind, a Charlton Heston staff from The Ten Commandments and platoons worn by Marilyn Monroe in River of No Return, the Beverley Hills-based Julien’s Auctions should have plenty interested in its latest Hollywood gems.

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